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GE Ep 84: How To Create A Killer Behavior-Based Email Campaign (Plus The Exact Tools & Tactics!)

Posted By Eric

Today’s interview is with John McIntyre, a behavioral reengagement specialist and email marketing genius who runs the Email Marketing Podcast and helps businesses convert more leads with behavior-based reengagement campaigns. He’s got some really practical advice on how you can use a customer’s online behavior to engage them and encourage them to become a customer. Listen […]

GB Ep 101: How to Find Great Web Designers

Posted By Eric

Today I’ve got three different websites and one insider tip for you that will help you find great web designers, which is something people always struggle with. Dribbble [00:47] This is a portfolio-based website where designers can make profiles and showcase their work. It’s great because at the end of the day, you can do […]

The Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team

Posted By Eric

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, it’s clear that technology has dramatically changed how the workplace looks, feels and runs. Professionals across many disciplines can telecommute and effectively work with colleagues all over the world. But it isn’t just workers enjoying the fruits of this change. Employers are also […]