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GE 118: How to Effectively Reduce Your Facebook Lead Acquisition Costs By 50% or More [Podcast]

Posted By Eric

Hi everyone, today’s interview is with Keith Krance, founder of Dominate Web Media and author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. He’s been running, managing, or teaching Facebook ads since their¬†inception, and now he’s also a speaker on the Perpetual Traffic podcast, which I recommend you all listen to. During the interview, we go […]

GE 116: How Foundr Magazine Grew Its Instagram Account From 0 to 300,000 Followers In Just 10 Months [Podcast]

Posted By Eric

Hi everyone, today’s interview is with Nathan Chan, founder of Foundr Magazine, an app-based subscription publication that features high-quality interviews with entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Barbara Corcoran. Beyond revealing his process to actually land these interviews with such seeming hard-to-get celebrity-level entrepreneurs, he also reveals the step-by-step process he went […]

GE 114: The SEO Framework That Helped Propel Pinterest To Over An Estimated 72M Users (And Over 50B Pages of Content!)

Posted By Eric

Hi everyone, today’s interview is with Casey Winters, the mastermind behind leading growth at Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool which is absolutely on fire. Though Pinterest can’t share lots of numbers, they’re estimated to have over 72 million users, and have secured over $1.3 billion in funding. Beyond that, they’ve got over one billion boards […]