LU 370: Bringing Stem Cell Therapy to Pets with Aaron Hirschhorn, CEO of Gallant(podcast)

We are joined on Leveling Up today by Aaron Hirschhorn, the founder and CEO of Gallant, a new company specializing in regenerative medicine for pets! They aim to help pets have a better and longer, high-quality life and they are providing this through stem cell banking and therapy. Aaron explains how this is an untapped section of the market and how he has applied the ongoing research into stem cells to help pets and their owners! He gives us some examples of how their service works, which begins with the procurement of stem cells during a regular vet visit at a young age. From there a veterinary professional can treat future age-related health issues using that sample as the means. Our guest does a great job of simplifying how stem cells relate to aging and the potential advancements we will likely see in the field in the near future. He breaks down some of the components of the new business and how they have approached marketing and customer acquisition. For all this and a whole lot more from an exciting company in a fresh space, listen in!  


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  • [00:55] How to pronounce Gallant properly, what they do and some background on stem cells.
  • [02:52] Examples of practical use cases for the company’s service. 
  • [05:30] The business model at Gallant and how they make money.
  • [07:38] Partners, new customers, patents and more; looking at the young business.
  • [08:17] How Gallant work with vets and the seamless alignment they offer.
  • [11:00] Aaron’s previous business, DogVacay, that he started in 2011. 
  • [12:15] Lessons that Aaron has brought forward into his new business around simplification.
  • [13:51] Building awareness through content creation and media appearances. 
  • [14:32] Aaron’s plans to live forever and what the future of aging might look like!
  • [16:57] Aaron’s commitment to the pet space and where he would invest $10 million. 
  • [17:35] Moving to Florida and the tax benefits for startups.
  • [18:13] Aaron’s preference for novels over business books!
  • [19:24] The set of tools that Aaron and Gallant use currently.

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