LU 369: Automation and Convenience as the New Normal with Andrew Fischer, CEO of Choozle(podcast)

Today on Leveling Up we welcome Andrew Fischer from Choozle. Andrew is the co-founder and CEO of the company and he shares some of their story and what makes the business tick. Choozle is a digital advertising software platform that leverages detailed consumer data to power programmatic advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. They do this through one, intuitive interface and this model has proved very successful for Andrew and his team, having raised over $14 million since they began work in 2012! In our conversation, we chat about the service they provide to their clients and what sets them apart from other advertising services in the space. Andrew gives us a few interesting statistics and breaks down some hiring numbers before we talk about customer acquisition and adapting to the new world in a post-COVID landscape. We chat about the future of media and the increasing trends away from cable television, so to hear it all, make sure to tune in!


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  • [00:54] How Choozle works, the service they provide and how they make money.
  • [02:30] Why to choose Choozle! Making the most of the average consumer. 
  • [03:40] Ideal business sizes for the company and their preference for independent agencies.
  • [04:53] Employee-growth at Choozle; the peaks that the company has hit.
  • [06:15] Choozle’s focus on programmatic advertising campaigns.
  • [07:19] Costs involved in working with the company and the array of budgets they work with.
  • [08:30] Current steps that Choozle is taking to extend their service for customers.
  • [10:50] Trends in television and media consumption in the contemporary climate. 
  • [11:25] Business during the pandemic and how Choozle is weathering the storm.
  • [12:57] Customer acquisition strategies at Choozle over the last few years.
  • [14:11] The type of startup Andrew would back right now!
  • [14:51] Andrew’s two essential book recommendations.
  • [15:55] Why Andrew has returned to a simpler practice of note-taking.

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