LU 362 : Chandler Bolt: Becoming a Best-Selling Author with Chandler Bolt from Self-Publishing School (podcast) With Chandler Bolt

We have spoken before about the ways in which writing and publishing a book can help you grow your business and authority. It sits alongside other tactics such as hosting a podcast, starting a blog, or creating a YouTube channel. Our guest today is a great example of the power of publishing! We are so happy to have the best-selling author of six books and CEO of Self-Publishing School, Chandler Bolt join us to talk about how you can put your thoughts and experiences into the form of a book and how this can lead to massive growth and revenue for you and your business! Chandler and his company have helped countless people publish their books and he walks us through exactly what his company does. They do not actually publish works, they help authors through the process, making it that much easier for anyone to become an author! Chandler explains why now is a better time than any for you to be writing and self-publishing that book you have been thinking about and we get into the differences between a traditional approach to publishing and the methods that Chandler espouses. For this hugely inspiring exploration of a market that anyone can exploit, listen in with us today on Leveling Up!


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  • [00:58] Chandler’s surprising story about getting into writing and publishing.
  • [02:07] How Self-Publishing School operates and makes money. 
  • [03:00] Numbers from Chandler’s business; income, growth and publishing stats.
  • [03:44] One of Chandler’s favorite success stories from his publishing work!
  • [05:03] Chandler’s business psychology; goal-setting, accountability and transparency.
  • [06:40] The hit-rate Chandler experiences with his goals. 
  • [08:01] Why now is the best time you can publish your own book!
  • [09:20] Free resources and paid services from Self-Publishing School. 
  • [10:21] Traditional publishing versus the self-publishing route; weighing the pros and cons.
  • [12:49] Understanding the idea of a book funnel and how useful it can be. 
  • [15:25] The ‘silent salesman’ and how a book can generate business for you in the long run.
  • [16:12] Chandler’s heavy work ethic — publishing 6 books in 3 years!
  • [17:35] The time that is spent writing a book and getting help with the heavy lifting.
  • [18:46] Writing challenges that Self-Publishing School set for their clients.
  • [20:04] The rebranding of summits as challenges!
  • [20:55] Chandler’s approach to scaling companies and his passion for operations.
  • [22:08] Three business book recommendations from Chandler!
  • [23:04] The tool that has improved Chandler’s business the most recently.

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