LU 342: How to Mix Creativity With Critical Thought (podcast) With Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis CreativeLive

We are very excited to have Chase Jarvis joining us today, the founder and CEO of CreativeLive. The company’s goal is to take a fresh approach to education and help leaders, visionaries, and professionals to access the wealth of information and skills required to flourish in an ever-changing environment.

Tune in to hear how their aiming to translate complex philosophical ideas into soft skills that are accessible for people’s personal and professional lives, to learn the tons of misconceptions around creativity and why it should not be viewed as oppositional to rationality and critical thought plus to hear more about his first “word book” Creative Calling.


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  • [01:12] Chase’s passion for helping others discover the things they’re supposed to be doing.
  • [02:34] Using his philosophy experience daily and how schooling invariably impacts your work.
  • [03:32] The synergy that happens when we combine creativity with critical thought.
  • [04:11] Emotional intelligence, public speaking, and other soft skills built into CreativeLive.
  • [04:45] Their aim of helping people understand philosophical ideas in a modern context.
  • [05:48] CreativeLive as the focal point where more than 10 million students learn.
  • [06:34] Making money by selling individual classes and their monthly subscription service.
  • [08:35] Why they have been more successful than many other similar online platforms.
  • [10:01] The importance of knowing who you are in the formula for success and fulfillment.
  • [11:37] The problem of overemphasizing rational thought while undervaluing intuition.
  • [12:50] Consistently providing quality as the best tactic for growth.
  • [14:11] Community as a misunderstood concept and the four-part IDEA concepts in his book.
  • [16:44] Why he decided to make his first-ever “book of words” and what it teaches.
  • [19:05] The three fundamental principles upon which Creative Calling is built.
  • [22:49] The wealth of good information out there and its accessibly in various forms.
  • [23:30] Mindfulness and meditation apps and the power of such practices.
  • [26:01] Using social media as a means of distributing ideas and not to passively consume.
  • [27:01] The influential people Chase follows and the exciting new wave of entrepreneurs.

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