LU 339: How to Organically Gain 10K Followers Per Week on Instagram (podcast) With Chris Do

Chris Do The Futur

Hey, everyone! Today, I share the mic with Chris Do, Founder of The Futur and Blind! Chris is a graphic designer, business educator and online entrepreneur, who has so much to share about building an audience, creating engagement and reaching your goals!

Tune in to hear Chris talk about how he was able to organically grow his Instagram account exponentially, how setting overly ambitious goals can have unexpectedly great results and how he plans on helping a billion people achieve their business dreams without compromising their ideals or creative passions!


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  • [00:28] Chris’ mission to help a billion to achieve their dreams.
  • [00:45] Chris’ background, training in graphic design and his companies, Blind and The Futur.
  • [02:13] Transitioning from a service business into a content business for passive income.
  • [03:45] Selling lots of little things and aiming for better profit margins.
  • [04:10] What Chris and The Futur do and their pricing model for courses and e-books.
  • [05:40] The ambitious goal that Chris took on for growing his Instagram following!
  • [08:41] Using the features of any given platform to your best advantage.
  • [10:12] Timeframes for posting, Chris’ Instagram schedule and philosophy around replying.
  • [11:40] Chris’ thoughts on pricing and undervaluing services to the marketplace.
  • [13:20] How to get started with content creation, education, and teaching while you learn.
  • [14:35] The channels beside Instagram the Chris and The Futur are using.
  • [16:03] Chris’ leadership style and how he motivates his team.
  • [16:28] The challenges of posting for a company instead of in a personal capacity.
  • [18:00] Some of the awards that Chris has received and the strange story of his Emmy.
  • [19:07] Big, scary goals and what the pursuit of these goals does to you as a person.
  • [21:50] Getting away from feeling slimy and gross while making money.
  • [23:36] Some statistics from Blind and their revenue going into the birth of The Futur.
  • [25:03] Group coaching, conferences, and The Futur Podcast.
  • [26:02] Chris’ favorite books about design, branding, and business!
  • [27:08] Why Chris currently loves keynote and what he uses it for.
  • [28:06] Chris’ love for video gear and handbags and how good marketing works for him.
  • [28:35] Content creation and how Chris is adjusting Gary Vaynerchuk’s model.
  • [33:28] The team for content at The Futur and how they split the labor.
  • [34:55] Chris’ schedule and how he structures his days currently.
  • [36:44] Advice from the present-day Chris’ to his younger self!

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