LU 376: How Esports Marketing Gives Brands a Massive Advantage with Clinton Sparks, FaZe Clan (podcast) With Clinton Sparks

Staying ahead of the pack and knowing what the next big thing is is not an easy skill, but it’s one today’s guest, Clinton Sparks, has mastered. As a Grammy-nominated producer, with over 75 million records sold, it would have been easy for Clinton to rest on his laurels and stick with music only. Instead, he is the Vice President for Business Development at FaZe Clan, a professional esports company, author, and founder of Get Familiar Radio. We kick off the show by learning more about esports and why Clinton thinks marketers should be paying more attention to it. He talks about the importance of understanding this young, internet-savvy generation who can spot inauthentic advertising a mile away. We find out more about how to properly speak to gamers and discover what resonates with them. We then turn our attention to how Clinton’s upbringing fostered his entrepreneurial spirit and the value of building enduring relationships. Clinton struggled to find his place in the world, but through hard work, honoring his relationships, and showing empathy, he has managed to succeed. From there, we move onto the younger generation’s desire for fame over greatness and how the culture of instant gratification has devalued the true meaning of the hustle. Throughout the episode, Clinton highlights the importance of your reputation and ensuring that business deals are about reciprocity over financial gain. We wrap the show up with a look at what is on the horizon in the esports world along with the main takeaways from Clinton’s book, How To Win Big in The Music Business. Tune in today!


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[00:20] An overview of Clinton’s background and some of his professional achievements.

[01:26] Why marketers need to pay more attention to and spend more in esports.

[02:32] Clinton’s suggestions of good places to start when delving into esports marketing.

[03:52] How the gaming mentality is different from the typical consumer.

[05:26] Hear more about Wendy’s recent Fortnite marketing campaign.

[07:42] Find out more about how Clinton always manages to stay ahead of the curve.

[09:41] The scene from Good Will Hunting that Clinton finds so relevant to the world today.

[12:29] Clinton shares more on his book, How To Win Big in The Music Business.

[14:55] The importance of being honest about where you are and where you aspire to be.

[15:50] Why Clinton thinks people should focus on greatness and not fame to truly succeed.

[18:36] Hear more about Clinton’s expanded definition of greatness.

[19:35] Clinton’s tips on building great relationships and his dirt pile strategy.

[22:05] What is currently exciting Clinton most in the esports world.

[25:11] Why it’s important to consider how valuable a business deal is for the other person.

[26:43] Hear about why Clinton’s favorite business tool is social media and how he uses it.

[29:20] Clinton’s favorite business book.

[31:45] What to expect from Clinton’s book, the main takeaways, and how to find it.

[34:51] The best way to find Clinton online.

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