GE 206: How Founder Daniel DiPiazza Grew His Business Rich20Something to 7 Figures by Helping Young People Level Up Their Skills (podcast)

Daniel DiPiazza

Hey everyone, today I share the mic with Daniel DiPiazza, founder of Rich20Something, a platform that provides the tools and mindset to radically improve your career and life in the 21st century.

Listen as Daniel discusses how his experiences led him to write the book Rich20Something, how Instagram was a huge contributing factor for his success, why he focuses on ROT (return on your 20s), and how he earns most of his revenue from his courses.


Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Founder Daniel DiPiazza Grew His Business Rich20Something to 7 Figures by Helping Young People Level Up Their Skills TRANSCRIPT

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:55 – Leave a review and rating and subscribe to the Growth Everywhere Podcast
  • 01:12 – Eric welcomes Daniel DiPiazza
  • 01:55 – Rich20 is focused on the return on your 20s
    • 02:15 – The focus is for those in the 10-year period of age 20 – 30
    • 02:35 – If you invest your time in your business, health and mindset during this critical period, you are going to get big rewards in your 30s and beyond that
  • 03:13 – Daniel graduated school early and was faced with two options: more school or go corporate
    • 03:35 – Both things did not appeal to him so he worked at different jobs and found that he had to go through many different resources to figure out what he wanted to do with his time
    • 03:57 – Rich20 was the culmination of what he found out during this period and how to get where he needs to go
  • 04:11 – The company just hit 7 figures in revenue
  • 04:18 – The different components in generating income: creating products, services and courses that teach career-based skills and digital merchandising for influencers
    • 05:24 – Most of the revenue is being driven from the courses
  • 06:07 – Courses sell because they have a relatively low barrier in customer acquisition but to stay in the business, you have to be competitive
    • 06:37 – Daniel is interested in the competitive and the media side of the business
    • 07:09 – Look at the industries that are underserved and you can get a foothold doing online courses in those industries
  • 07:50 – Only 2% are getting through the online courses
  • 08:30 – Daniel says it is less about the content and more about the modality
  • 08:58 – Daniel’s company had to adjust and reposition several times to keep pace with the changing market
  • 09:35 – The company has 250 thousand followers on Instagram
    • 09:45 – Instagram is like 2/3 love and 1/3 hate
    • 10:13 – Daniel caught on the wave where people were just coming to Instagram and was able to find people who would buy his courses
    • 10:53 – The money he earned went to influencers who would talk about his courses
    • 11:11 – Instagram helped their business grow
    • 11:43 – The other side is the perception of the viewer thinking that all they do are fun, leisurely activities when they are actually working really hard
    • 12:17 – Sometimes it can get exhausting because there is a strain being connected to thousands of people and commenting and answering messages
  • 13:04 – Watch the trends in Instagram and post unique content
    • 13:47 – The original videos Daniel post are made using Final Cut Pro
    • 13:59 – He does his own quotes
    • 14:21 – Ride on the trends like live streaming
  • 15:19 – Eric interviewed Nathan Chan in a previous episode and he said his secret was page shouts and Crowd Fire
    • 15:49 – Daniel thinks page shouts are great and are one of the ways they grew the account
    • 16:11 – Within the first year, they hit 100 thousand followers because they had a funnel, invested in it, and it organically grew after that
    • 16:41 – If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you have to have really unique content because you will be the only source that people will go to
  • 17:14 – Eric has two podcasts: one where he has about a hundred thousand downloads a month and the one with Neil which has about 570 thousand downloads a month where they get two people to talk about marketing for just 5 minutes
  • 18:03 – Jim Kwik has a mini-podcast that he does for just 10-15 minutes
  • 18:27 – Eric says look for your unique spin if you want to make your own podcast
  • 19:36 – To funnel people in Instagram, Daniel posted links to free opt-ins
    • 20:10 – They made landing pages in Click Funnels for the links
    • 20:19 – All are linked to auto-responders
    • 20:30 – The mini-course has lessons and videos and an ability to see the best performing blog posts and lessons
    • 21:26 – After the seven-day free trial, they offer a seven-day sales sequence
  • 22:05 – Personally, Daniel created a lot of content last year: a book with 278 pages, blog posts, and music
    • 23:02 – This year is spent on repurposing, editing, and rearranging of content in order to promote the content
  • 23:52 – His book Rich20Something is half autobiographical and half strategic
    • 24:48 – It frames what worked in their business and in Daniel’s life
    • 25:12 – It shows the highs and lows of Daniel’s journey
  • 25:38 – What’s one book that you’d recommend to everyone? – Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  • 26:33 – Connect with Daniel at any social media platform by searching @rich20something
  • 26:45 – End of today’s episode

3 Key Points:

  1. Invest in building your channel or create your own unique content.
  2. Look for an area that is not yet saturated and be the main source of information there.
  3. Offer a free trial to show credibility and build trust and then do a sales pitch.

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