LU 328: How Writing a Book Can Accelerate You Past Your Competition (podcast) With Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson Kindlepreneur

Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with book marketing genius and author Dave Chesson, Founder of Kindlepreneur and Publisher Rocket.

Tune in to hear some of the pitfalls Dave sees with new authors, strategies you can take you to the next level and the kind of credibility that writing a book can give you to skyrocket your professional career.


  • [00:41] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast!
  • [00:46] Some of Dave’s background, work history and what he does now.
  • [02:00] How Kindlepreneur and Publisher Rocket actually work and make money.
  • [03:55] The usefulness of the Kindleprenuer tool and who it can serve most.
  • [05:10] The market research necessary for writing a successful book.
  • [06:22] Customer numbers and costs for usage.
  • [06:50] A great success story from Dave’s author consulting work.
  • [10:50] Why it is worth writing a book and how it differentiates the author from the competition.
  • [12:01] Common pitfalls for new authors and the importance of early marketing.
  • [15:12] Building a street team and sending out advance copies for review.
  • [16:07] Considering the current role of publishers and the shortcomings of the model.
  • [18:05] Hybrid publishers and choosing the best fit for particular needs.
  • [19:20] Ways around the supposed huge amount of work it takes to write a book.
  • [20:56] Other useful tools for selling on Amazon!
  • [22:01] The one tool that Dave has recently added to his stack: Coassemble.
  • [22:51] Dave’s must-read book selection!

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