GE 143: David Nevogt Shares the Strategies He Used to Grow Hubstaff’s Revenue to $72,000 Per Month (podcast) With David Nevogt

Dave Nevogt interview

Hello everyone, today’s guest is Dave Nevogt, co-founder of Hubstaff, a timekeeping SaaS that tracks time, progress, and projects for freelancers and virtual staff.

Today we’ll be talking about how Dave got his start in e-commerce, how his personal needs and pain points translated into the creation of Hubstaff, and how hard it is keeping track of a virtual team and what everyone is working on.

Episode highlights:

  • [3:51] – Internet businesses change rapidly, and even a profitable business can die down after a while.
  • [7:24] – Hubstaff is transparent about their revenue numbers, and you can find their income stats on their blog. The current MRR is around $84,000.
  • [9:04] – What sets Hubstaff apart is that you can see the work being done in real time. This helps lessen the time gap that is often there with remote teams.
  • [12:37] – Some may feel the screenshots are too invasive, but it is actually validation of the work and progress that is being done. Most founders are too busy to constantly check them.
  • [13:50] – Dave has an SEO background, and most of the Hubstaff growth has been generated from Google traffic and content marketing.
  • [19:39] – For content promotion their team spends about 65% of their time writing and 35% on promoting. Dave believes that really good content almost promotes itself.
  • [24:37] – A big struggle with growing the business is that without the organic traffic, they would lose their main traffic generation method. They need a repeatable sales cycle.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: David Nevogt Shares the Strategies He Used to Grow Hubstaff’s Revenue to $72,000 Per Month TRANSCRIPT

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