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Hey everyone, on today’s show we have Dornubari Vizor, one of the co-founders of LeadQuizzes, a software solution that helps businesses generate leads through fun quizzes and assessments.

In today’s interview, we’ll be talking about how Dornubari’s digital marketing agency evolved into LeadQuizzes, how they acquired their first 100 customers using an early adopter program (and achieved a 25% conversion rate!), and what they did to get one client 100s of leads per month and a 500% conversion rate.

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Episode highlights:

  • [1:20] – Dornubari started working in the digital marketing space before entering the SaaS space.
  • [1:33] – LeadQuizzes generates leads through quizzes and assessments.
  • [1:47] – It goes beyond regular lead capture and also captures valuable marketing data.
  • [3:09] – They outsourced a beta version of the software. It took off, so they decided to focus on it.
  • [4:02] – The agency was doing about $70k MRR, but they thought a product that could sale would scale better.
  • [4:31] – They had an early adopter program to help them fund the building of the software.
  • [5:32] – 60% of their customers are monthly and the rest are annual.
  • [6:12] – Nutrition Secrets was converting well with an opt-in program. They built a quiz about nutrition and dieting and their conversion rate jumped up by 500%.
  • [7:55] – The quizzes work well on Facebook ads, you get a ton of engagement without a big ad spend (from 5 to 90 cents a lead).
  • [8:49] – Health and fitness, personal development, e-commerce, a business that wants brand engagement all do well with LeadQuizzes
  • [9:37] – SaaS companies can use LeadQuizzes to get information or marketing survey information to know how to target that lead.
  • [10:18] – Segmentation, sorting, and filtering are all based on results and there is integration with apps like Zapier.
  • [10:55] – At 600 customers and $100k MRR, they are just getting out of beta right now.
  • [11:24] – First 100 customers were pre-orders from their email list of 400, so they had a 25% conversion rate.
  • [14:49] – Facebook ads plus LeadQuizzes work great for marketing.
  • [15:24] – They have profitable ad campaigns because they sell directly into larger packages and a salesperson follows up.
  • [17:59] – Biggest struggle is hiring talented people as they grow.
  • [19:58] – Dornubari wishes he would have studied computer science in college.
  • [20:53] – Having experienced mentors has really helped the business move and shore the growing process.

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Full Transcript of The Episode

Show transcript
Dornubari Vizor: You're going to talk to them and they're going to give you a ton of advice, and the best way to get a business mentor is to take that advice that they give you, implement it, and come back and tell them the results.

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All right everybody. Today we have a guest named Dornubari Vizor, which is a really unique name in my opinion. He is one of the co-founders of LeadQuizzes. Dornubari, how's it going?

Dornubari Vizor: It's going great, Eric. Thanks for having me on the show. I really appreciate it.

Eric Siu: Yeah, thanks for being here. Why don't you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah. Well, we started out as a digital marketing agency about four or five years ago. The digital space, it was going pretty well for us but we decided to shift focus and enter into software as a service space so that's how we started LeadQuizzes. LeadQuizzes is a lead generation platform that enables businesses to generate leads through quizzes and assessments. It just goes beyond the regular lead capture where you're just capturing name and email address. With LeadQuizzes, you're able to capture valuable marketing data along with the lead information so you can make better marketing decisions in your business like knowing when to send a marketing campaign or knowing what part of the funnel a prospect is in so you can serve them the right product and services.

Eric Siu: Great. How did you come up with the idea?

Dornubari Vizor: We came up with the idea probably about a year and a half ago when we were working with one of our clients and we did a quiz online through Facebook. Suddenly the quizzes performed really well so we just said, "Hey, how about we just do it again?" Couple months went by and we're like, "Well this is going really well. How about we just build a software out of it and productize it?" That's essentially how we came up with the idea.

Eric Siu: Got it, okay. Talk to us about that pivot. I have a digital agency and we're doing software right now, and a lot of digital agencies have gone into that. Did you guys have developers on the team before? How did you guys transition from becoming an agency into full on software as a service?

Dornubari Vizor: When we started building out the software, we didn't have the right developers on board. We didn't have software developers at the time; we had more marketing developers like WordPress people who could do integrations for us. What we did is just decided, "Hey, you know what? Let's just do a beta version of the software and see where things will go." We just outsourced the work to a couple of my friends

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that were located in San Diego. We just got a lot of feedback on it and suddenly it started taking off. We decided, "You know what? This software's taking off so hard that we're just going to slowly shut down what we're doing on the agency side and focus strictly on the software."

Eric Siu: What revenues did you guys have to get to before you were comfortable shutting down the agency?

Dornubari Vizor: We got to $50K monthly recurring, then we decided, "Hey, we're going to shut down." That was in about two months. After that, we were like, "All right, seems like this is about to take off so let's just shut down the agency." It was just less work on our part as well, so that's when we decided to make the decision.

Eric Siu: The agency, was the agency doing more or less than 50 a month before you guys decided to make the move?

Dornubari Vizor: It was doing more than 50 a month. We were about at 70, but we decided, "You know what? This is more scalable. At the end of the day, if we want to make an exit out of our agency it's going to be a lot easier if we have a product that we can sell."

Eric Siu: I love it. Okay, cool. In the early days, how did you start charging for the product? Let's just start with the pricing first. How did you start charging and how did you price it?

Dornubari Vizor: In the early days before we even launched the product, what we did is basically did an early adopters program where the software wasn't even built yet. The early adopters program essentially helped us fund the software where we mailed our list and said, "Hey, if you sign up now and you make a $97 deposit and pay $97 once the software's released, we'll give you access to the software and a couple different bonuses that we have packaged like auto-responder copies," and different things just in order for us to essentially pay for the beta version of the software and the product build out.

Eric Siu: How do you charge for LeadQuizzes right now?

Dornubari Vizor: We have two different plans: we have monthly and annual. We also offer like self-service where we'll service the software for you if you're looking to just be hands off.

Eric Siu: What's the breakdown there. What's the percentage breakdown in terms of people doing annual versus just monthly?

Dornubari Vizor: The breakdown is we probably have about 60% doing monthly and the rest doing annual.

Eric Siu: That makes sense. I remember back in my software as a service days, we had a silver version and about 66% of people were paying for the silver version. For

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whatever reason, there's always a subset of people like 33%. Always around 30% that want to pay for the gold version. That's what you guys are seeing, right?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah, that's what we're seeing as well.

Eric Siu: Great. Quizzes were working for one of your clients. I guess it would be helpful for the audience to understand, what's a case study you can share around quizzes? I know you had that Neil Patel case study, so maybe we can start with that.

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah, we can start with that. Neil Patel with LeadQuizzes, before he just had a regular opt-in on Nutrition Secrets, one of Neil Patel's web properties that he has. It was converting well. They were getting a couple hundred leads a week through the opt-in and then they decided, "Hey, we reached out to Neil Patel because we wanted to build more case studies around our software." We decided, "Let's build a quiz around nutrition and dieting." We put that on his Nutritional Secrets website and all of a sudden, his numbers jumped up by 500% conversion rate. We're not just talking about he was just getting a couple leads a month. He was getting somewhere in the hundreds.

Eric Siu: Wow, okay. What did he do exactly?

Dornubari Vizor: What he did is he put LeadQuizzes on his website. He created a hello bar for LeadQuizzes, a call to action where it directly linked to the quiz. As soon as you landed on his website, it would direct you to take a quiz and find out how to buy your dieting needs as well. Then he put it in a blog post, he put banners on the right-hand side of his website. That's how he generated those leads.

Eric Siu: Right, makes sense. For those that don't know, obviously a lot of Neil Patel's properties get a lot of traffic. Nutrition Secrets gets good traffic already which is why he can just plug a hello bar in there and make it work, but how about for other people? If I'm just starting out from scratch, let's say I'm a start up, how would LeadQuizzes work for me? What's the best way to get it going?

Dornubari Vizor: If you're just starting out and you have very little traffic going to your site, our quizzes work really well with Facebook ads. You don't have to be a big spender on Facebook in order to see huge results from it. We recommend driving Facebook traffic from Facebook ads to your quizzes and advertising it. What ends up happening, you get a ton of engagement on your ads where people are sharing the quiz ads itself, commenting, and putting the results. Facebook sees the quizzes as highly engaging content, ad content so it drives down the cost of your ads. For some of your customers and users, they're able to capture leads at five cents up to ninety cents a lead depending on the type of quiz that they're running to their website.

Eric Siu: You know what's interesting? These are phenomenal numbers. What industries tend to work best with LeadQuizzes?

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Dornubari Vizor: The industries that tend to work best with LeadQuizzes is the health and fitness space, personal development, and e-commerce. Any business that's looking to also just do brand engagement where they're looking to do fun quizzes just to their audience or just to reactivate their email list that's probably been dormant for a while.

Eric Siu: Let's say you're B2B. Let's say you're a SaaS company, you're selling an analytics product. Would this work well with LeadQuizzes because I don't see a lot of B2B people utilizing this.

Dornubari Vizor: Well as our customer base matures, I think we're definitely going to see more B2B customers in that space especially on the business development like coaching. Also if you're a SAAS company, one of the ways you can use LeadQuizzes is having LeadQuizzes on your website so when visitors hit your site, you're asking questions like, "Is our product right for you?" Basically taking them through a whole entire survey to see if it's the right fit for the prospect or the lead that you're looking to capture. Then from there, being able to send the right marketing materials to their email or having a sales person follow up with them. Essentially, they've already filled out a whole entire survey by taking your quiz so you're able to better sell to them on the phone or through email.

Eric Siu: Is it correct to assume that after somebody goes through a quiz, you have different results, are you able to segment people into different buckets based on the result that they got?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah. You're able to segment people to different buckets based on the results that they have, then you're able to also sort and filter vital results depending on the capabilities of your marketing platform. We integrate with up to 10 and we also have [inaudible 10:31] integration where you're able to push all the data to your marketing platform and based on how your marketing's set up is on the back end, you're able to sort and filter anyway you want with our marketing data.

Eric Siu: You guys heard it here first. You can get leads for five cents to ninety cents. Why don't you tell us a little bit about numbers around the business? How many customers do you have today? What do revenues look like now?

Dornubari Vizor: Today we have over 600 customers. Right now, we're at a little bit over $100K monthly recurring revenue. We're looking to just launch out of beta right now, so we're still kind of holding back on our product a little bit but we're working our way out of the beta version right now.

Eric Siu: On Page Four, $1.2 million a year, probably a little more than that. Then you guys are still in beta, which is amazing.

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah.

Eric Siu: How did you go about acquiring, let's just say your first 100 customers?

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Dornubari Vizor: Like I said earlier, our first 100 customers just came from pre-orders.

Eric Siu: That's all from your list?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah, that's all from our list of pre-orders. Our list wasn't really that big at all.

Eric Siu: How big?

Dornubari Vizor: Our list at the time was around 400. We decided, "Hey, we're going to make a really irresistible offer to our lest to get them to do the early adopters program where we offer tons of bonuses. We'll help set up their quiz for free. We'll send them email auto-responders, templated email auto-responders so they can start emailing their list as soon as possible." A lot of people took us up on that offer. We got about 97 people to take the pre-order.

Eric Siu: Wow, so basically 25%. That's crazy. Walk us through that sequence. Did you email them multiple times? How did you get 25% of people to get in?

Dornubari Vizor: We emailed them multiple times. We had a five email sequence go out and then we dripped content to them as well. We also had webinars that were running at the time just showing the capabilities of the software. Before that, before we even started a pre-order program, we'd already been doing quizzes but they weren't on the software so we showed them case studies and the power of quizzes. That's how we were able to get those 97 early adopters.

Eric Siu: Awesome. Great. Let's go back to you guys being a digital marketing agency. What did you team look like? What did the structure look like when you were a marketing agency, and what does it look like today?

Dornubari Vizor: The structure, we had about three developers in the office and we had a couple of people overseas that were just doing WordPress sites. We also had one designer that was designing all of our creatives. We had four people doing ads for us, running ads for our customers, managing Facebook ads, Google ads. Then we had two customer success managers at the time, just managing all of the customers that we had. Now, it's a little bit different. We're still really heavy on the marketing side, but we now have four developers and all they focus their time on is helping us build out the LeadQuizzes platform. Two customer success managers, and instead of four ad managers we have two ad managers that manage all of our marketing campaigns for us.

Eric Siu: Great. It sounds like you had to make some adjustments, but you didn't really have to let a lot of people go, right?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah, we didn't really have to let anyone go because we still needed that skillset.

Eric Siu: Interesting. I know there's other agencies that have transitioned into doing the

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software as a service thing. People just all of a sudden no longer became a fit and they had to make that shift. It's good to see that you guys were able to move everyone into new roles. That's what happened, right? You basically said, "Hey, some of you have to take on new responsibilities?"

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah, that's essentially what happened. Out of the responsibilities, we're still very marketing heavy and we're looking to improve our engineering team. That's one of our big focuses right now. Because of the marketing, that's how we're able to build our engineering team. We didn't really have to let anyone go. Just a little shift in responsibility.

Eric Siu: Awesome. What's working for you guys today in terms of marketing?

Dornubari Vizor: Facebook ads. It's working really great for us. We're generating a ton of leads, driving a ton of traffic to our site using Facebook ads. The other thing that's working for us is we started going a little bit old-fashioned. Every single blog is telling you how you can convert prospects into customers just strictly through content. You know what? I think that's great, but we went a little bit old-fashioned and decided, "Hey, we're going to hire a sales team and once leads opt in into our website, we're going to give them a call and try to get them on our software." That's been working extremely well for us.

Eric Siu: Talk about that. When you say "it's working extremely well," what can you speak to there?

Dornubari Vizor: Like off the bat, it's making our ad campaigns profitable because instead of selling people just the $49 a month package for LeadQuizzes software, we're able to sell them directly into a bigger package. It's also helped us improve retention because as soon as someone signs up, there's salesperson that follows up to make sure that you have everything you need. While we're still building out our content side, we don't feel like we can still afford to spend money on advertisement and still see the ROI right away.

Eric Siu: Love it. A lot of people think marketing alone is okay. You can sit behind a screen and hope things happen, but actually going out there dialing and targeting people is where it's at when you start you combine these two. You get better results. One thing I want to know, you marketing LeadQuizzes. Are you guys using quizzes? Are you driving people to a webinar? I just don't see a lot of people on a B2B site doing quizzes for that matter. Are you guys doing quizzes? If so, how does that look?

Dornubari Vizor: We're doing quizzes. We're driving people to different quizzes in the niches that we're looking to target. We're coming up with quizzes for "Is e-commerce in the top 1% online?" We're driving quizzes where people who own e-commerce shops are taking the quizzes to figure out where they rank in the e-commerce space. We're also driving traffic to the different case studies that we have, like the Neil Patel one. We have about 28 case studies on our website, so we're driving traffic to that with the opt-in. We're also driving traffic to some of the content that we have

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available on our blog.

Eric Siu: Love it. All of you should check out the content they have on the blog because literally, it's crazy. It's all long-form case studies and it's all about how this doctor got 60,000 leads or got three or four [inaudible 17:18] ROI. I think it's just good to read those just so you can get a better idea of how quizzes can work for your business. Great work on that. I want to shift gears right now. Can you talk about one big struggle you faced while growing your business?

Dornubari Vizor: One big struggle I'll probably say that we're still facing right now is just hiring talent. We didn't expect the growth that we're expecting right now. When we were in an agency space, it was a lot easier to get away with outsourcing the development work because there wasn't too much technical expertise required. As we moved into the software space, we didn't quite have the network for finding talented developers. Now, that's one of my biggest focuses, just recruiting and finding the right talent not just on the developing end but also just customer success and the marketing end.

Eric Siu: What's one good spot you go-to to find good talent?

Dornubari Vizor: One of the strategies that's been working for me so far has been attending meetup groups. We're looking to host our own meetup group and seeing how well that goes. Reaching out to developers on That's been really useful, and also just hiring a CTO that already has a network of developers. He's been sending us referrals.

Eric Siu: Interesting. What's your background? Is it in marketing?

Dornubari Vizor: My background is not in marketing or in computer science whatsoever. I went to law school.

Eric Siu: Interesting. As a law school grad, you guys were an agency before and then you realized you probably need somebody that's more technical managing everything and so you bring on a CTO. How do you go about evaluating if a CTO's a right candidate when you don't have that skillset?

Dornubari Vizor: What I did is first I asked around, like my business mentors who they thought was the sharpest technical guy that they knew. They referred me to a couple different people, but instead of me having to interview them, I only interviewed them on the cultural side of things and had other people that I trusted within my network interview them on the technical side. I didn't just take one person's opinion. I said, "Hey, I have a couple interviews with a couple different people that are going to [inaudible 19:45]." That's the way I approached it.

Eric Siu: Love it. All right, great. Switching gears here again, what's one piece of advice you'd give? How old are you right now?

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Dornubari Vizor: 25.

Eric Siu: I can't use 25. I can't use the number, man. What's one piece of advice you'd give to your 20-year old self?

Dornubari Vizor: One piece of advice I would give to my 20-year old self would probably be to study computer science, actually. I wish I would've studied it in school even if I wasn't going to use it just because it would allow me to make better hiring decisions at an earlier stage and also be able to make decisions related to our platform, make more sound decisions related to our platform. When we just started out, both me and my co-founder aren't technical at all. It was a very difficult transition.

Eric Siu: Right. It's never too late, right?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah, it's never too late.

Eric Siu: I want to go deep here for one second. Are you ready?

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah.

Eric Siu: All right. What's one big thing, positive or negative, that has impacted your life dramatically?

Dornubari Vizor: I'll probably say the point where I realized since I'm 25 years old, my mentality before when I started our business was just to try to do things by myself. That really caused a lot of time to be wasted and having a lot of money being wasted as well. One of the biggest things that probably impacted my life on a positive scale is just putting the business mentors around you and instead of having to make the decision yourself, taking different people's expertise and coming to a conclusion. That's really helped us move a lot faster than I ever thought it would it shortened the learning process by a ton.

Eric Siu: How does somebody get a business mentor?

Dornubari Vizor: Well for me, I don't know exact strategy but what I do is I reach out to people who have already been successful in the space that I'm currently in. I'll just pick up the phone and call them and say, "Hey, I really love what you're doing. I'd love to talk to you about my business." You're going to get a couple of no's, but I feel like entrepreneurs are always looking to give back. You're always going to be able to get a meeting. You're going to talk to them and they're going to give you a ton of advice. The best way to get a business mentor is to take that advice that they give you, implement it, and come back and tell them the results that you got from it. They're going to tell you, "Okay, you did this? Let's do this." Then they're going to actively start mentoring you without you actually having to ask for it.

Eric Siu: Exactly. Here's the thing: these people you think you can't reach them at the end of the day. I was really hesitant to reach out to the mentor that I have today. The

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thing is, when you start reaching out to them people love to give their opinion. They like to share their advice. At the end of the day, if you actually execute they're going to respect you and they're going to start to help you more because it's actually very hard to find people that are able to execute. I was just speaking with another entrepreneur yesterday and he's like, "You think it's common and you have this expectation, but the truth is not a lot of people are like that." If they're able to find somebody else, especially young and they see somebody that's hungry, well they're probably going to help out.

Dornubari Vizor: Yeah.

Eric Siu: I want to talk about tools for a second. What's one new tool that you added to your toolbox that has added a lot of value besides LeadQuizzes?

Dornubari Vizor: I'd probably say Kissmetrics. We've always heard of Kissmetrics in our agency space, but we never actually used it too much ourselves. Once we really started using it and being able to track where our revenue's coming from and actually really set it up within our application has been extremely useful for us to be able to predict retention and then start doing A/B testing based off of customer behavior. That's one really useful tool that we really started diving deeper into this year.

Eric Siu: Love it, stronger analytics. I got a question here that just came from a friend: what type of quiz gets the highest conversion rate?

Dornubari Vizor: I would probably say the more fun, viral quizzes. Right now, Pokemon Go is like a really big thing on the social media. If you were to do "What team do you belong on on Pokemon Go?", those explode. It gets tons of shares. It'll get tons of retweets, tons of leads, whatever your objective is. Fun quizzes tend to do the best.

Eric Siu: Cool. Final question, or two more questions actually. What's one must-read book you recommend to the audience?

Dornubari Vizor: One must-read book I would probably say "The Sales Acceleration Formula" by Mark Roberge.

Eric Siu: Yeah, that's the HubSpot book. Fantastic book. There's so much tactical advice in there and there's so many numbers behind everything, it's so data-backed. I think it's probably my number one sales book right now, so I'm going to give that a plus one too. Dornubari, this has been a fantastic. What's the best way for people to find you online?

Dornubari Vizor: Just go to My picture appears right on the intercom chat and just say you're looking for Dornubari. You can message me on there and I'll definitely take the message, or you can email me at [email protected]

Eric Siu: All right, everyone make sure you check out LeadQuizzes. I've been very intrigued with it for a while and have seen a lot of different people use it, hearing about the

Dornubari Vizor Page 10 of 10

success stories. It's definitely worth checking out, especially every single person I've talked to in the health space, especially in that health space. It's probably going to work for you. Dornubari, thanks again for doing this.

Dornubari Vizor: All right, thanks. I appreciate you having me on the podcast.