GE 149: How High Spark Co-founder Eugene Cheng Got 1M Views On Just One SlideShare Presentation (podcast) With Eugene Cheng

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Hi everyone! Today we have Eugene Cheng, co-founder and creative lead of HighSpark which used to be SlideComet, a strategic presentation consultancy serving Fortune 500 companies like Panasonic, Dentsu and Nike. Eugene relishes in building compelling visual content for his agencies and channels, and he is a self confessed presentation obsessive. He is also a keynote author in the top 1% on SlideShare.

Today we’ll be talking about how Eugene wound up getting over 100,000 views and 20 leads on his first SlideShare presentation and turned that into the company that he runs today, the reason he’s got 3 million total views on his SlideShare channels (and 3 reasons why everyone’s not this successful), and how to create a great presentation without being a design expert.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How High Spark Co-founder Eugene Cheng Got 1M Views On Just One SlideShare Presentation TRANSCRIPT

Episode highlights:

  • [3:48] – How the ROI on a SlideShare done right is huge
  • [4:55] – How updating on SlideShare will dynamically update all of the platforms that the slide show is on
  • [7:36] – Using PowerPoint to start creating a SlideShare. First, start with a story or repurpose existing content. It has to be visual and brief. Keep one message per slide. Find a visual. Then focus on color or layout.
  • [9:18] – Icons are a great way to create visuals
  • [9:46] – Eugene has about 2 million plus views on his collective business and personal channels
  • [10:35] – Relevant content that plays to the taste of the audience and the taste of the SlideShare team will help with promotion
  • [12:33] – The reason more people aren’t doing SlideShare well is that they lack design expertise and they feel they don’t have time and the platform is not for them
  • [18:08] – You have to give your own take on your slide show, don’t do what everyone else is doing
  • [20:49] – Keep things simple and find the sweet spot of design

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