GE 311: Gilles Bertaux on How He Quickly Scaled Livestorm After Just One Change (podcast) With Gilles Bertaux

Gilles Bertaux Livestorm

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Gilles Bertaux, CEO of Livestorm, a browser-based webinar software service.

Tune in to hear how Livestorm expanded their business exponentially by operating in multiple languages, why Gilles sets aside 4 hours to talk to other industry leaders and how Livestorm is facing their biggest challenge yet: scaling.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:25] I was surprised to hear about a new webinar tool, Livestorm. When I checked it out, I found it unique and perhaps superior to other similar tools.
  • [02:00] Gilles got his start back in Engineering school.
  • [03:00] Gilles had a great mentor that taught him everything he knows.
  • [03:15] When doing webinars, Gilles would get frustrated.
  • [03:30] He wanted to make something that looks nice, easy to deploy, easy to attend, etc.
  • [04:55] He talked to Envision and Kissmetrics, who told him when working on the tool, that he was onto something.
  • [06:30] Most software focuses too heavily on streaming.
  • [06:55] A successful webinar counts on so much more than the webinar itself.
  • [07:25] Livestorm is truly customizable, so it fits your brand.
  • [09:35] Providing continuity after the webinar experience is part of the goal of Livestorm.
  • [11:45] There are a lot of variables that determine cost of Livestorm.
  • [13:30] Operating in multiple languages and working in different fields has expanded their business exponentially.
  • [15:50] Gilles spends a few hours per reaching out to webinar creators and asking them what they liked about other products. He created an open conversation about this topic.
  • [16:20] Their first hundred customers came from this open conversation.
  • [18:00] Eventually, they moved onto paid advertising.
  • [18:34] Right now, they have great reviews.
  • [19:04] Gilles likes to use Capterra to do PPC.
  • [19:34] For $10,000/year you get access to lead generation forms, the PPC program, and buy intent.
  • [20:30] They are a browser-based software service.
  • [20:55] Their biggest challenge was adapting to each host and browser service.
  • [21:22] The most difficult thing they have faced is scaling.
  • [22:40] One new tool that Gilles has added and likes is called Recruitee.
  • [25:15] One book Gilles recommends is Play Bigger.

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