LU 345: How to Plan Strategic Growth For Your Company (podcast) With Jay Baer

Jay Baer Convince and Convert

Hey everyone!  Today, I share the mic with Jay Baer, someone who has been in digital marketing since it was invented.  Having been there since the start, his insights and expertise that come with 26 years of experience are unrivaled. He has not only started five multi-million-dollar companies from scratch, but is also the host of four podcasts and the author of several best-selling books.

Tune in to hear his company’s strategic approach to company growth, why being scared is a sign you are doing things right and the importance of clear goals.


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  • [01:25] Jay Baer’s background story and how he came to be a digital marketing pioneer.
  • [04:03] Insights into the different facets of Convince and Convert and how they make money.
  • [06:14] Learn why Jay purposefully halted Convince and Convert’s growth a few years ago.
  • [09:07] Sharing bite-sized pieces of information will not sabotage your business.
  • [09:50] Top tips that Jay has learned having started five companies.
  • [13:10] Discover why Jay no longer invests in the Seed round and waits for Series A.
  • [15:30] Jay’s motivation for switching from inbound to account-based marketing.
  • [17:20] The size and responsibilities of Jay’s sales team.
  • [19:47] Jay explains why he is writing a new book and what it’s all about.
  • [21:01] Find out how Jay tests to see whether or not his book content will work.
  • [21:54] Jay’s advice on how to become a renowned, well-paid speaker.
  • [24:01] More on Jay’s must-read book and a tool that has added value to his life.

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