LU 363: Why Your Network is Your Net Worth with Jeff Fenster, CEO of Everbowl(podcast)

Why Your Network is Your Net Worth with Jeff Fenster, CEO of Everbowl.

Everbowl is a superfood brand, headed up by their inspiring founder and CEO, Jeff Fenster. Jeff joins us on Leveling Up today to talk about his amazing business and the impressive growth it is experienced in its young life. Jeff unpacks the idea of relationship capital, a concept that has made a huge impact on his success and how he goes about his work. We hear from him about his formative years and how his original plan to be a sports agent did not pan out in the way he initially imagined. Now Jeff aims to help everyone be their best selves through eating and moving the way that we are meant to. This means better, healthier practices throughout the day and that is where his amazing acai bowls come into the picture. They are packed with superfoods and all the stuff your diet might be missing to get you to your peak performance. Jeff generously shares some inside information about the company, his eight minute trick to making the most of his time and why he aims to be the dumbest guy in the room! We also touch on his parallel superfood coffee business, Superfuel Coffee! So for all that and then some, be sure to listen in!


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  • [01:05] The quick and dirty version of Jeff’s story leading up to Everbowl.
  • [04:03] Jeff’s passion for serial entrepreneurship and health. 
  • [05:53] The products that Everbowl offers and their reliance on real food.
  • [07:05] Employee numbers, 2019 revenue and future prospects for the company.
  • [08:11] The merging of superfood and coffee for something unique to the market.
  • [09:02] Jeff’s concept of vertical integration and why more entrepreneurs should be using it. 
  • [11:30] Factors that have contributed to Everbowl’s impressive growth.
  • [13:20] Jeff’s deep care for relationship building and the idea of relationship capital. 
  • [19:40] How to get started with a great network; Jeff’s rules for amassing relationship capital.
  • [22:01] Jeff’s overarching mission in his business and life; helping improve lives.
  • [22:51] Daily routines and practices that keep Jeff healthy and happy.
  • [25:55] The main challenge that Jeff has faced in his life as an entrepreneur.
  • [29:06] Jeff’s favorite business tool and business book currently!
  • [30:48] The two CEO’s that Jeff is most inspired by: Steve Ells and Elon Musk.

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