LU 327: Why the Hub-and-Spoke Model Is the Most Effective Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website (podcast) With Jimmy Daly

Jimmy Daly Animalz

Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Jimmy Daly, the Marketing Director at Animalz, a content marketing agency.

Tune in to hear why Jimmy believes the hub-and-spoke model is the most effective for driving traffic and boosting content engagement, how Animalz uses content marketing as their main source for leads and where most companies are missing the mark with content marketing.


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  • [01:06] Jimmy’s years of experience in content marketing and getting into the SaaS B2B world.
  • [01:44] His different roles of writing, promoting and selling content at diverse companies.
  • [02:35] An overview of the hub-and-spoke model and how it boosts content and traffic.
  • [04:30] The most successful content marketing endeavor of Jimmy’s career.
  • [05:51] His piece about why venture-backed companies struggle with content marketing.
  • [07:32] What Animalz offers their clients, how they make money and their package prices.
  • [08:54] Strategic guidance and other features their clients can expect from a piece.
  • [10:10] Examples of new ways to tackle and present opinions on popular topics.
  • [11:37] Their blog, podcast and word-of-mouth referrals as the main sources of leads.
  • [12:29] Where many companies miss the mark with their content marketing.
  • [13:33] How people can get started with a documented content strategy.
  • [14:54] Their free tool Revive and how it helps you to recognize trends in your analytics.
  • [16:04] All the best tools they use for content marketing.
  • [17:47] Why Jimmy does not read anything about content marketing from other companies.
  • [18:12] A helpful book for business strategy and another inspiring one.

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