GE 287: How Webinar Expert Joel Erway Educates and Ultimately Converts a Cold Audience (podcast) With Joel Erway

Joel Erway The Webinar Agency
Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Joel Erway, founder of The Webinar Agency, where they build six- to seven-figure webinar campaigns for coaches, courses creators, and consultants using cold traffic. He is also the host of two different podcasts: Sold with Webinars and Experts Unleashed.
Tune in to hear Joel explain how he got his start in the webinar world, how he was able to transform a man’s business from $1K/week to $14K/week, and how courses can grow your business!

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [02:50] Joel’s background is in Mechanical Engineering.
  • [03:10] After graduation, he realized traditional engineering jobs weren’t for him.
  • [04:45] A coach connected him with a webinar creator who was looking for a phone sales person.
  • [06:00] Joel was able to transform this man’s business: he took the business from $1000/week to $14,000/week.
  • [07:15] When Joel works with customers, he finds that they need a good onboarding procedure for their software.
  • [07:40] The easiest thing is to create a course for people to take in order to understand the software.
  • [08:50] It’s worth your while to give the software away for free, but charge for the course in order to get them to use the software.
  • [09:30] When done correctly, your course should provide value.
  • [11:15] When running ads, you get people hooked by making a big promise.
  • [11:45] You then must deliver on said promise.
  • [12:05] What you don’t want to do is take everything in your course and condense it: a confused mind doesn’t buy.
  • [14:25] You want to build as much good will as you can with customers.
  • [15:00] Joel can convert a customer with the information contained in one webinar.
  • [15:25] When done correctly, you can covert and educate a cold audience.
  • [17:55] Getting a customer to spend time with you is the best way to convert them.
  • [20:35] Each person is an expert at something.
  • [20:55] Entrepreneurs, in particular, are opportunity seekers.
  • [21:15] His Experts Unleashed podcast delves into entrepreneurship and what expertise they have to share.
  • [24:02] Joel recommends the tools Zoom (for live webinars), EverWebinar (automated webinars), Demeo, and Easy Webinar.
  • [25:00] Joel has created a tool called Slide Cell, which helps people create sales presentations.
  • [26:15] Joel recommends the book The No B.S. Guide to Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy.

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