LU 357: Direct Mail Marketing can be a game-changer in todays connected world With Joy Gendusa from PostcardMania (podcast) With Joy Gendusa

In a world that seems almost fully-focussed on online and digital marketing, it may come as a surprise to some that physical means are still used to grow companies and for them to become known. PostcardMania is a very successful company in this line of work, using direct mail marketing to help their clients get the word out on their offers. They are a really great example of how older techniques and styles of marketing can still work in a contemporary context. The company was founded 21 years ago by Joy Gendusa, who we are so happy to welcome to the show today. They mostly serve small businesses and are up to about 60 million in revenue this year! Their pricing model is competitive but not comparatively cheap, and Joy explains how she pegs this. We talk about the history of the company and the organic growth that Joy has experienced over the last decades. She opens up about her target audience and the ways that have provided her with the biggest opportunities to scale and grow her team. Joy credits a lot of her success to her team, believing she leads a group of superheroes! We discuss their company culture, important practices and some of the perks and facilities at the office. So for all of this great stuff and to learn about a slightly different model for marketing, be sure to listen in!


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  • [01:05] Joy’s journey with PostcardMania and her learning curve with marketing.
  • [03:11] The client-base for the company and the services they offer to them. 
  • [04:52] Some of the important numbers from PostcardMania and how much mail they send.
  • [06:36] The fee-structure at PostcardMania and the ways in which they make money.
  • [07:46] The areas in which the company experiences the most growth and best results.
  • [09:39] Struggles over the years; leading the ship through rough waters.
  • [12:28] Joy’s thoughts on CEOs’ groups, a bad experience she had and her love for her team.
  • [14:48] Growing and evolving with the company; Joy’s philosophy towards progress. 
  • [51:52] PostcardMania’s company culture and the unique perks that Joy offers her employees.
  • [16:42] Monday meetings and the agenda for these weekly events at the company. 
  • [18:06] Entrepreneurship and marriage; the benefits of a personal partnership with overlap.
  • [19:40] Joy’s growth practices; books, conversations, and pivoting.
  • [20:42] A selection of a favorite business book and tool of Joy’s.
  • [21:23] Why Joy is not really following any particular companies or founders currently.

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