LU 346: Why It’s Important to Incorporate Love in Everything You Do (podcast) With Kamal Ravikant

Kamal Ravikant

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Kamal Ravikant, a VC, author, mountain climber, and has served in the army!  We are lucky enough to have him on the show to share some of his wisdom about the startup game and beyond.

Tune in to hear Kamal’s fascinating life story, why he decided early on in his career that he preferred starting companies rather than joining someone else’s vision and how his desire for a better kind of investor led him to the role of VC.


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  • [01:05] Kamal’s back story and history in the start up game over the last three decades!
  • [02:02] The inspiration behind Kamal’s latest book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.
  • [05:29] The hopelessness of endeavors if you do not love yourself first.
  • [06:25] Creating a strong foundation through proper mindset and self-care.
  • [08:09] The most important feedback that Kamal has received about the book.
  • [09:40] The events that led up to the difficult period in Kamal’s life that informed the book.
  • [11:02] Kamal’s vision for a better kind of investor; one that works from experience.
  • [14:35] The path to small-fund investing and Kamal’s tips for those starting out.
  • [17:45] Getting going with deal flow and finding the right deals to move on.
  • [18:58] Kamal’s recent near-death experience and his reflections on mortality.
  • [20:08] Book and tool recommendations from Kamal!

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