LU 355: How HubSpot Leverages the Freemium Model for Explosive Growth with Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing (podcast) With Kieran Flanagan

HubSpot has grown into one of the most credible names in the marketing and sales game in the last few years and we are lucky enough to have Kieran Flanagan, their VP of Marketing on the show today! If you listen to this podcast it is more than likely you know a lot about HubSpot already as we often refer to them, as happy customers of the company and having had a few of their team on the show already. The focus of today’s conversation is Kieran’s work on the freemium project at HubSpot and the impact that this initiative had on the company and their progress going forward. We speak about freemium and who it might work for; Kieran believes it is not a surefire way to success for every kind of company and links its usefulness to HubSpot to their product-led model. We also get some great insight into the company and how they approach tasks and challenges and Kieran breaks down their pod method for creating teams. Tune in to get it all!


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  • [01:08] Kieran’s career path, moving from coding to marketing and SaaS.
  • [01:54] The GrowthTLDR Podcast that Kieran cohosts currently.
  • [03:18] Kieran’s place at HubSpot and a little of the company’s journey.
  • [05:04] The freemium offer from HubSpot and Kieran’s experiences on this project.
  • [09:25] Kieran’s position on freemium offers and who they might serve.
  • [11:30] Reasons that HubSpot has experienced its particular successes.
  • [12:28] Kieran’s systems for the marketing team for growth and customer acquisition.
  • [16:33] The pod structure for integrations with companies and promotion. 
  • [19:04] Who gets selected for each pod and how the process works at HubSpot.
  • [19:57] Content and playbooks; models for automated cluster building and more.
  • [23:25] Courses and the academy that are readily available to customers.
  • [24:51] Kieran’s use of podcasts for learning and improving in the realm of growth.
  • [25:52] Team-focussed strategies and creating an empowering environment.
  • [26:04] Kieran’s favorite business book and most-used tool for his job!

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