LU 332: How to Successfully See Returns on Your SEO Investments (podcast) With Liam Martin

Liam Martin Time Doctor, Staff and Running Remote

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Liam Martin, founder of three companies: Time Doctor, Staff and Running Remote.

Tune in to hear how long you should expect to wait before seeing success from your SEO efforts, how to build a remote team at scale and how Liam is able to balance running his three companies.


  • [00:21] Before we jump into today’s interview, please rate, review, and subscribe to the Leveling Up Podcast!
  • [00:30] Local meet-ups and the importance of in-person events in today’s world.
  • [00:40] A little about Liam and his three companies!
  • [01:10] The future of remote work and where Liam sees it going.
  • [01:45] The global growth and numbers of Time Doctor and Staff.
  • [03:20] Liam’s current thoughts and strategies around SEO.
  • [04:49] Keyword difficulty measurement and the difference these tools make.
  • [05:40] Liam’s budget for SEO at the moment and the returns on this.
  • [07:18] Getting traffic first and building outwards from there.
  • [07:51] The ins and outs of running two companies and then starting a third.
  • [09:02] The ‘secret churn’ that Time Doctor experienced and how Staff solved this.
  • [11:55] Some information about Running Remote, Liam’s ‘desert company’.
  • [12:52] Company retreats and some of the trips Liam’s team has made.
  • [13:21] Building a remote team at scale; the lack of information available on the topic.
  • [14:31] Liam’s favorite tool at the moment!
  • [15:24] A must-read book selection from our guest!

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