LU 324: How Venture Harbour Uses Content Marketing and SEO as Their Two Main Customer Acquisition Strategies (podcast) With Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Marcus Taylor, the Founder and CEO of Venture Harbour, a modern-day holding company that helps build high-growth online businesses.

Tune in to hear how Marcus started coding when he was 10-years-old and owned his first business by the age of 16, how Venture Harbour uses content marketing and SEO as their two main customer acquisition strategies and why the company juggles multiple side projects in order to scale.


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  • [00:36] Marcus background, early online projects and passion for entrepreneurship.
  • [01:32] The most important criteria for Marcus when assessing businesses. 
  • [02:03] The beginnings of Venture Harbour and the work they did initially.
  • [02:35] Shutting down the consultancy side of things and focussing on building products.
  • [04:13] Revenue for the different businesses with which Venture Harbour works.
  • [05:24] Why Marcus started BrokerNotes and Leaformly, Venture Harbour’s side projects.
  • [05:55] Compounded growth and when results arrive on in the form of revenue.
  • [06:43] The traffic that Venture Harbour receives per month currently. 
  • [07:00] Improving affiliate relationships to maximize website traffic.
  • [08:47] A little bit about Marcus and Venture Harbour’s new project, Serene. 
  • [10:13] The payment scheme for Serene and the premium features that will be available.
  • [11:08] The number of ventures Marcus actually has and why he focuses on so many!
  • [13:02] Achieving a unity of ends through an array of different products.
  • [14:51] Marcus’ advice for finding the right M&A firm.
  • [15:59] Content marketing and SEO; the main ways that Venture Harbour customer acquisition.
  • [17:40] The size of the Venture Harbour team and how they are split across ten projects.
  • [20:16] Critical tools in Venture Harbour’s marketing stack.
  • [21:10] The peripheral role writers on the Venture Harbour team.
  • [22:00] The difficult and rewarding moment when the company fired its clients and pivoted into products.
  • [23:36] Two new tools that Marcus recently installed!
  • [24:02] Marcus’ must-read book recommendation!
  • [25:15] Marcus process of negotiating with his wife-to-be about the location of their wedding!
  • [27:00] How to find and connect with Marcus online!

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