LU 322: How SEO Expert Matthew Woodward Almost Tripled His Click-Through Rate (podcast) With Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Matthew Woodward, SEO expert and owner of a successful SEO blog.

Tune in to hear Matthew analyze Google’s algorithm, how his blog gets 60,000 visits a month and how he was able to more than double his click-through rate using his Google search ranking strategy.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:35] Have a pen and paper handy for this episode!
  • [01:51] Right now, Matthew is most well-known for his SEO blog.
  • [02:05] He has been building websites since he was 12.
  • [03:15] On one of his blogs, he published an income report every month.
  • [03:40] For anyone looking to grow a business from the ground up, that blog is a great resource.
  • [05:45] People digest income reports, but don’t always think of the work that went into creating the income.
  • [07:40] Matthew’s net worth is such that he no longer has financial concerns.
  • [08:09] He has an annual income of seven figures.
  • [08:40] SEO is now about a convergence of skills.
  • [10:35] If you are building out a site, you must take pride in your creation.
  • [12:15] As of 2017, he was getting about 60,000 visits per month.
  • [15:00] Matthew runs experiments to track results, as should everyone.
  • [16:08] By removing the featured snippet, one person was able to increase his click-through rate. 
  • [16:25] Read Google’s guidelines and make sure you are following the rules. As long as you use it safely, it will contribute to the user experience.
  • [16:56] Matthew himself has seen his click-through rate go from 3% to 8%.
  • [17:46] Matthew thinks people who identify as either black or white hat SEO, you are an idiot.
  • [18:40] Link building is against Google’s guidelines, so anything in the realm is technically black hat.
  • [20:15] Right now, the guidelines are easy to abuse.
  • [21:34] Everyone cries about getting penalized, but everyone is also abusing the system.
  • [22:00] Google is currently winning the voice-assistant game.
  • [23:17] Matthew encourages people to do out-of-the-box experiments.
  • [24:10] One new tool that Matthew likes is Surfer SEO.
  • [25:35] Matthew recommends the book Think and Grow Rich.
  • [26:28] Matthew likes to absorb information from as many sources as he can.
  • [27:40] Not every niche and website is the same, so what may work for one, may not work for another. There is no “typical” in SEO.

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