LU 337: The Solution to Never Dealing with Jet Lag Ever Again (podcast) With Mickey Beyer-Clausen

Mickey Beyer-Clausen Timeshifter

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Co-Founder of Timeshifter.  Timeshifter is an app that incorporates the latest research in circadian sleep science and neuroscience into a platform designed to remove jet lag from an international travel experience.

Tune in to hear how this app eliminates jet lag, how successful some of Timeshifter’s business strategies such as channel partnerships have been and the value of timing in startup success.


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  • [00:17] An introduction to Mickey Beyer-Clausen and his app, Timeshifter.
  • [00:53] What separates Timeshifter from Mickey’s earlier projects.
  • [01:07] Timeshifter won the 2019 SleepTech award from The National Sleep Foundation.
  • [01:24] How Mickey turned Dr. Steven Lockley’s sleep research into the Timeshifter app.
  • [02:15] The way Timeshifter makes money: $10 per trip, or $25 per year for unlimited plans.
  • [02:37] Timeshifter’s business model of liaising with businesses and channel partnerships.
  • [03:09] The perk packages that Timeshifter offers to traveling business employees.
  • [03:50] Speculations about the increased downloads of Timeshifter.
  • [04:06] Mickey’s reflections on the prototyping process of Timeshifter.
  • [04:27] Eric’s speculations on Timeshifter’s revenue thus far considering its downloads.
  • [04:50] Why Timeshifter’s revenue exceeds Eric’s speculations.
  • [05:25] How Timeshifter helped Eric bypass jet lag on multiple occasions.
  • [06:15] Many CEOs in the tech community have heard of Timeshifter in Eric’s experience.
  • [06:42] Ways that travelers not using Timeshifter behave, such as eating irregularly.
  • [06:57] Timeshifter works by shifting the circadian clock and timing exposure to light.
  • [08:28] The role of exposure to light in regulating sleep patterns.
  • [09:45] Whether smart phone night-mode is helpful in regulating sleep.
  • [10:38] How Timeshifter attained its channel partnerships.
  • [12:07] Mickey’s favorite books about fundraising, creating products, and public speaking.
  • [13:34] The business tool which Mickey finds most valuable: sleep.
  • [14:15] Founders and companies who inspire Mickey.
  • [14:52] Where people can find Mickey.

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