LU 343: How Supermetrics Transformed From a One Man Show into a Multi-Million Dollar Company (podcast) With Mikael Thuneberg

Mikael Thuneberg Supermetrics

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Mikael Thuneberg, CEO of Supermetrics, the number one reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, social, and web analytics.

Tune in to hear about the rapid growth of the company, how the business has stayed relevant and innovative in such a competitive market plus how Mikael found the right product market fit.


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  • [01:01] The basic concept behind Supermetrics and how it gathers marketing data.
  • [02:20] How integration differentiates Supermetrics from other marketing data tools.
  • [03:11] The price points of the Google Sheet version versus the data sheet version.
  • [04:05] Rapid growth and a few updated numbers since the start of the business in 2010.
  • [04:49] How having a strong focus on making a great product has led to growth of the company.
  • [06:06] Mikael talks about product market fit, how long it took and what it took to get there.
  • [07:02] How the business got started once Mikael found the right product market fit.
  • [08:48] Staying ahead of the curve and innovative in a competitive market.
  • [10:27] Having a hardcore product and engineering focus as a company.
  • [11:32] Mikael shares two of his favorite products on the market in addition to Supermetrics.
  • [12:38] The top tool and business book according to Mikael.

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