LU 338: How to Turn Your Passion into a Business (podcast) With Munjal Shah

Munjal Shah Health IQ

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Munjal Shah, Founder and CEO of Health IQ!   What started as a simple quiz for interested parties has pivoted and turned into a fully-fledged health insurance aid, rewarding those willing to go the extra mile to take care of themselves.

Tune in to hear Munjal share his own incredible health journey and how that led him to the starting the company, why he likes to focus on customer money over investor money plus how his company found their product-market fit.


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  • [00:40] Some background to Munjal, his health and his history as an entrepreneur.
  • [03:41] The business model at Health IQ and how they make money.
  • [05:04] Fundraising and why Munjal values customers’ money more than investors’.
  • [05:56] A few of the important numbers from Health IQ and their growth rate.
  • [08:12] Finding product market fit and the curve to where the company is now.
  • [09:47] Pivoting and Munjal’s experiences redirecting companies.
  • [11:44] Munjal’s diverse CV and what he recommends for this kind of success.
  • [14:02] Why Munjal emphasizes the role of product- market fit for growth.
  • [15:15] The necessary paradigm shift towards a more health-centric philosophy.
  • [17:32] Measures that Munjal has taken to improve his health and the centrality of diet.
  • [21:52] Munjal’s backyard agricultural practices!
  • [24:21] A business book recommendation from Munjal.

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