LU 336: How This SaaS Company Reversed-Engineered Themselves Into the Market (podcast) With Nicolas Vandenberghe

Nicolas Vandenberghe Chili Piper

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Nicolas Vandenberghe, Co-Founder and CEO of Chili Piper!  Chili Piper is a SaaS company dedicated to helping users stop the leakage of prospects during the early engagement stage.

Tune in to hear Nicholas reverse-engineered their way into the market, explain what ’ buyer enablement’ is and how he handles his company’s competition.


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  • [00:31] Some of Nicholas’ background in tech-entrepreneurship.
  • [01:05] Nicholas’ current company, Chili Piper and how the service works.
  • [02:24] Chili Piper’s unusual financing history and the different strategies they have employed.
  • [04:10] The pricing structure at Chili Piper and how they make money.
  • [05:11] Coining the term ‘buyer-enablement’ and some confusion about its usage!
  • [07:32] Why the service is applicable to all sizes of business.
  • [08:02] How Nicholas and his company cheated their route to finding product market fit.
  • [11:17] Some of the things that are contributing positively to Chili Piper’s growth.
  • [12:39] How Chili Piper competes with similar, calendar-scheduling tools.
  • [12:48] Nicholas’ must-read book recommendations!
  • [14:01] A productivity tool that Nicholas created himself to solve his own problem.
  • [14:50] Companies and founders that Nicholas follows closely.

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