LU 326: How to Build and Scale Lasting Relationships with Your Customers (podcast) With Oli Bridge

Oli Bridge Bonjoro

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Oli Bridge, the Head of Marketing at Bonjoro, a SaaS company that offers personalized one-on-one video messaging to allow businesses to easily connect with their customers.

Tune in to hear Oli share how to effectively link your CRMs and ESPs, how Bonjoro can help you stand out from your competition and his advice on building and scaling relationships.


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  • [00:40] More about Oli and his work to date at Bonjoro.
  • [02:24] Practical use cases for the services that Bonjoro offers. 
  • [04:32] The economic model that the company uses and their different pricing options.
  • [05:21] The customer base for Bonjoro and their growth over the last few years.
  • [08:55] Why adverts have not really worked for Bonjoro as a growth strategy.
  • [10:05] The specifics of the plans offered by the company for each user. 
  • [10:55] One tool that has made a big difference to Oli’s work recently.
  • [13:09] Inspiring people that Oli’s likes to stay in touch with. 
  • [14:35] The app that added the most value to Oli’s work in the last year.
  • [16:23] Why Oli would recommend Pat Flynn’s new book to anyone in marketing. 

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