GE 267: CommercialTribe Cofounder Paul Ironside on Lessons Learned from Providing 40,000 Sales Call Assessments (podcast) With Paul Ironside

Paul Ironside CommercialTribe

Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Paul Ironside, CEO and Co-Founder of CommercialTribe, a service that allows sales organizations to increase the speed and effectiveness of their sales process.
Tune in to hear about Paul’s tips on selling to the Global 2000, how they teach their sales managers to more effectively manage their teams, and how he turned struggling to scale into one of his biggest learning experiences.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:28] Paul likes to say he was born and raised a gardener; an individual contributor turned sales manager.
  • [01:55] He has built and scaled businesses over the last 20 years.
  • [02:05] CommercialTribe was originally built on the premise that B2B sales execs advance sales cycles based on their ability to articulate a value proposition to a prospect or customer.
  • [03:15] They did a flagship Hubspot study. They came in to help their sales team understand how to be effective one-on-one.
  • [05:32] You can record inside CT or upload a webinar and practice your pitch.
  • [05:56] Someone will then provide feedback on your practice sales call.
  • [06:25] They will provide assessment results to the sales manager.
  • [06:43] CT is a SaaS-based technology. He would also say they keep more humans in the loop than AI tech.
  • [07:00] They often work with large multinational companies and charge per user per month.
  • [07:21] The range is $20-25/user/month.
  • [07:40] There is no minimum, but they typically work with businesses who have at least 100 employees.
  • [08:48] They have done close to 40,000 assessments of sales calls to date.
  • [10:40] Paul has personally built up a network of sales professionals.
  • [11:35] You will run into a consensus-based environment when selling to the Global 2000.
  • [12:15] CT lectures sales managers about how to more effectively manage their teams.
  • [13:15] As an entrepreneur, don’t outsource. Pick up the phone and figure out a way to solve your own problems.
  • [13:48] You have to find creative ways to get in front of the people you need to see.
  • [14:48] It’s important to always identify your target market.
  • [15:18] Salesloft has helped them deal with their BDR’s.
  • [15:30] Salesforce and Hubspot are also tools that help CT succeed on the daily.
  • [17:30] One big struggles they faced at CT, is the question about when to scale.
  • [17:53] Paul has considered this particular question one of his biggest learning experiences.
  • [18:20] CT’s strength is in selling.
  • [18:50] However, it took them a while to realize they didn’t really have a market fit.
  • [19:15] Paul realized they really need to be in the workflow of the front line manager.
  • [19:35] If the front line manager is not modeling the behavior you would expect, the rep will never adopt those behaviors.
  • [20:00] If the manager doesn’t do something, why should the sales team?
  • [20:34] Typically, they target sales organizations.
  • [20:45] They tend to be able to more easily help larger organizations.
  • [21:05] Paul structures his week around engineering and product development.
  • [21:22] This was once his greatest weakness.
  • [23:02] The waterfall approach tends to be less reliable than the agile approach (which is more iterative).
  • [24:06] One new “tool” that has added value to Paul’s life has been his home gym.
  • [24:40] Paul recommends the book The Checklist Manifesto and also How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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