LU 361 : Rich Schefren: How to Maximize Your Inbound Lead Generation with Rich Schefren, CEO of Strategic Profits (podcast) With Rich Schefren

We have a true legend of digital marketing on the show today. Rich Schefren has done a lot in the marketing space, to put it lightly! He is a godfather of the modern marketing world and has been a mentor to many of the most famous young faces doing interesting things right now. We are so excited to speak to Rich today as he breaks down his experience in this episode that is absolutely brimming with information. Rich packs so much wisdom into each answer, and his decades of expertise become so apparent that you are definitely not going to want to miss this one! We discuss the discovery of the video sales letter, how he got a billion-dollar testimonial and what it means to be resourceful during difficult times. Rich tells us exactly why he loves his iPad so much, what he learned from the old guard of legendary marketers and how he has gone about laying staff off when it was necessary. We discuss pruning your business, building a strong team through profit-sharing, and the definitive moments from his career, so tune in to hear it all!


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  • [01:54] A brief background to Rich’s work and how he landed up where he is today!
  • [04:58] Working with legendary direct response marketers. 
  • [09:12] Rich’s move into coaching and mentoring new faces in the game.
  • [12:15] How writing ‘The Internet Business Manifesto’ changed Rich’s life!
  • [16:02] Resourcefulness and creating value for others; evergreen lessons from Rich.
  • [18:39] Pruning parts of your business and enabling its further growth.
  • [21:42] Rich’s strategy for setting up profit-sharing in his company.
  • [27:54] Lessons that Rich learned through layoffs and handling employees.
  • [32:30] Rich’s best books about direct response marketing!
  • [34:42] The value Rich found in learning to speed read and his note-taking process.

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