GE 312: How CEO and Founder of Pattern89 RJ Taylor Uses AI Like No Marketer Has Before (podcast) With RJ Taylor

RJ Taylor Pattern89

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with RJ Taylor, the CEO and Founder of Pattern89, the AI platform for digital ads.

Tune in to hear how Pattern89 uses AI unlike any other marketer, how RJ uses his B2B SaaS background to grow his business and why he makes sure to go to bed by 9pm.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:40] RJ’s background is in B2B SaaS.
  • [02:20] He now lives in a Midwest tech hub.
  • [03:10] Right now, everyone is trying to distinguish themselves with AI functionality, because it’s new.
  • [04:40] The Pattern89 platform looks at your Facebook and Instagram ads and identify 2900 different dimensions about those ads.
  • [05:00] It will show you what’s driving improvement, for example.
  • [07:00] They mostly deal in e-commerce businesses, rather than B2B.
  • [09:45] Typically, their customers spend $10,000/month on Facebook or Instagram ads.
  • [10:02] Pattern89 has an annual contract that kicks off with a 14 day free pilot program.
  • [10:13] Contracts start at $1000-$3000/month depending on what the customer’s goals are.
  • [13:00] There are 650 brands connected to the platform.
  • [13:15] Their first customers were acquired through door-to-door sales, in a sense.
  • [15:07] Their algorithm goes through a huge data set on a daily basis.
  • [17:30] They already retired the first version of Pattern89.
  • [19:20] Pattern89 made sure to build something customers really wanted.
  • [22:15] One tool that RJ thinks has added value to his life is the bus.
  • [23:40] Indianapolis is not known for public transportation, however, RJ found he didn’t have a lot of personal time. So, instead of driving, he now takes the bus to work, so he has time to read and reflect.
  • [24:22] RJ goes to bed by 9, but sometimes before 8, just like his children.
  • [24:40] RJ recommends the book The Book of Why by Judea Pearl.
  • [26:30] RJ thinks it’s important to read and attend coding schools, if you want to become a more technically-minded person.

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