GE 308: How Robert Glazer Built an Award-Winning Company Culture that Helps Them Grow 30% Each Year (podcast) With Robert Glazer

Robert Glazer Accelerator PartnersHey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Robert Glazer, the Founder and Managing Director of Global Performance Marketing Agency Acceleration Partners.

Tune in to hear Robert talk about how he built his company’s award-winning culture, how they manage to grow 30% each year, and the nine “why’s” that he uses to keep employees on track.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

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  • [01:51] He says he is the CEO, despite having other official titles.
  • [03:40] They have 120 employees and clients are large retail and consumer brands.
  • [05:20] Robert and his team define performance partnerships differently.
  • [07:20] They put everyone onto a tracking platform and that’s the scalable piece of what they do.
  • [09:00] They have programs in five countries with large teams.
  • [09:30] Robert considers affiliate marketing a mechanism, not a channel.
  • [11:52] On average, they grow 30% per year.
  • [13:20] In the affiliate space, you have full-service networks.
  • [13:37] There are also SaaS platforms.
  • [13:45] The tools people use are dependent on a lot of factors in the affiliate space.
  • [15:37] It’s hard to offer great things to clients if your employees aren’t happy.
  • [16:01] Robert’s company tries to be healthy and high-performance.
  • [16:25] They have won awards for company culture.
  • [16:40] Values and clear goals are important.
  • [19:40] The company wanted to eliminate the two-week notice period and have an open transition system instead.
  • [21:25] Robert wrote a book about the topic of managing employees.
  • [23:55] Discovering his “why” had a big impact on Robert.
  • [24:45] There are nine “why’s” and Robert uses these at his company to keep people on track,
  • [27:25] Robert started emailing inspirational stories to the whole company on Fridays.
  • [28:44] It blew up and became a much bigger thing than he expected.
  • [29:50] One new tool Robert loves is Sanebox.
  • [30:58] One book Robert recommends is Mistakes Were Made, But Not by Me.

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