LU 359 : Connecting with Your Audience Through The Ask Method with Ryan Levesque (podcast) With Ryan Levesque

Today we are very excited to bring you a conversation with the originator of the Ask Method, Ryan Levesque! Through his company, Ryan provides businesses with the powerful weapon of the quiz funnel and he is here to explain exactly how this works. Ryan lays out a reminder of how powerful data is and the ways in which quizzes can provide your business with data and leads in a completely unique way. He shares the universal application of this approach and many examples of how his methods have been used to great effect. In our conversation, Ryan dives into some statistics from Bucket, what exactly they are currently offering and who it can most benefit. Ryan explains how using quizzes suits both established brands and new companies looking to build an audience from scratch and we also touch on the future of networking and events in the current pandemic and during its lasting effects. For all this, join us on the Leveling Up podcast today!


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  • [01:29] Ryan’s journey in the entrepreneurial world and the niches he has explored. 
  • [03:17] Statistics from Ryan’s business; email subscribers and revenue generation.
  • [05:38] How quizzes work in lead generation and conversion rates.
  • [08:34] Getting to know your audience and positioning your offer appropriately.
  • [11:42] Examples of companies that have made great use of quiz funnels.
  • [16:18] Comparing Bucket with Typeform; what sets these frameworks apart.
  • [18:26] Template libraries and educational opportunities that are available through Bucket.
  • [20:24] Who the tool is aimed at; new or established companies?
  • [22:24] Platform integration, site speed and lead generation through Bucket.
  • [25:06] Contextualizing this conversation in the current pandemic.
  • [30:56] Ryan’s nimble strategy for virtual versus in-person offers and formats.
  • [35:01] The usefulness of Ecamm Live and how Ryan has implemented it in his work!
  • [36:23] Ryan’s must-read book recommendation: RocketFuel.
  • [37:39] An exciting announcement from Ryan about his live quiz-funnel workshop!

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