LU 334: How This $55M Company Continues to Grow After 8 Years (podcast) With Sydney Sloan

Sydney Sloan SalesLoft

Hey everyone! Today, I share the mic with Sydney Sloan, the CMO at SalesLoft. SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform.

Tune in to hear the factors that have contributed to SalesLoft’s speedy growth, how to make sure you’re recruiting the right people at the right time and how the $55M company structures their pricing model.


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  • [00:40] The evolution of SalesLoft over the last few years.
  • [01:39] How the sales engagement tool works and the personas the company serves. 
  • [03:41] The pricing model at SalesLoft and how they bring in their money.
  • [04:19] An update on the current funding and growth status of the company.
  • [04:57] Sydney’s role as a remote executive and the work that goes into relationship building.
  • [06:52] The two facets that are currently contributing to SalesLoft’s growth. 
  • [08:57] Sydney’s entry into the SaaS world and her first role back in 2011.
  • [10:21] The right time to hire a CMO and focus on big hires. 
  • [12:10] How Sydney’s understands her own, specific role as a CMO at SalesLoft.
  • [13:03] The question of recruiting great marketers; primarily utilizing networks. 
  • [14:49] Sydney’s favorite recent tool for managing her daughters’ busy sports schedules!
  • [16:55] A favorite business book selection from Sydney!

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