LU 365: The Conversation Conversion Model with Tanner Chidester , CEO of Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior(podcast)

How many CEOs are running a million dollars a month, ad to webinar? Tanner Chidester is one of them and he joins us today to talk about qualifying calls and what it’s like grossing $12 million annually at 28 years old. Tanner is CEO of Elite CEOs and Fit Warrior, two high ticket coaching businesses that offer one on one mentorship in the fitness and entrepreneurship spaces. We hear from Tanner about how he went from playing D-I football to dropping out of college to pursue entrepreneurship following the advice of a mentor. Tanner weighs in on how he built Fit Warrior’s high ticket coaching service and used that business as a platform to start Elite CEOs. He talks about how his businesses make money, shares metrics about his staff count and monthly revenue, and also speaks to the resilience of the high ticket coaching model in this time of the worldwide pandemic. We hear more about Tanner’s business model which stresses many touchpoints between coaches and clients, and he talks about their subscription lengths, billing structures, success rates, and ideal clients. From there, we get into one of today’s biggest takeaways, with Tanner sharing about how he can close 60 percent of the calls his sales team take by using a conversion conversation model that qualifies calls for only a third of the cost that most businesses would pay. Wrapping up, we talk about some mindset hacks for optimizing the wellness side of entrepreneurship, and Tanner gives his recommendations for a favorite app and book to this end. Tune in for some lesser-used conversion strategies and nuggets about the effectiveness of high ticket offerings!


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  • [00:44] How Tanner dropped out of college to pursue entrepreneurship and made millions.
  • [03:25] Why Tanner is focusing on Elite CEOs now and how he used Fit Warrior as a platform.
  • [04:18] How Tanner made money initially with Fit Warrior by selling high ticket services online.
  • [05:17] Advertising, sales, service packages, and staff count metrics for Tanner’s businesses.
  • [06:09] How COVID is affecting conversion rates for Tanner’s sales funnels. 
  • [06:49] The high level, one to one coaching business model Tanner uses in both businesses.
  • [09:50] Ideal client types and why Tanner prefers coaching clients with high ticket offerings. 
  • [10:56] Why Tanner’s conversion conversation model has been so successful for him.
  • [14:00] How Tanner only pays around $250 rather than $600 for a qualified call.
  • [16:26] Additional information about how Tanner’s team qualifies clients on the front end.
  • [18:58] How helpful The Calm App has been for Tanner’s mental wellbeing.
  • [19:52] The use of seeing a therapist for aiding in mental health.
  • [20:55] Happiness after wealth and why Tanner loves High Performance Habits.
  • [21:28] The best way to connect with Tanner online.

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