LU 377: How Taylor Welch Grew Traffic and Funnels To A $24M/Year Company By Utilizing His Flywheel Approach And Reframing His Mindset (Podcast) With Taylor Welch

Making money is easy, according to our guest today, Taylor Welch, co-founder of Traffic and Funnels, but knowing how to invest and multiply wealth is the hard part. This is why he has made it his mission to arm people with the skills they need to grow their money and minds beyond self-imposed limits. We kick off this episode by learning more about Traffic and Funnels and how they help clients build online digital marketing systems and show high-level consultants, coaches and experts how to develop lead generation machines to scale businesses to seven figures a year. From there, we dive into the importance of mindset. For a long time, Taylor was a skeptic about how important it is, but through seeing the power of positive, intentional thinking firsthand, he now knows that it’s a foundational pillar of success. We then turn our attention to leadership where Taylor shares his approach. For him, it’s about fostering his team to be able to not only make decisions but understand the motivation behind their choices. It’s not about not making mistakes; it’s about what you learn from them. We round the show off by delving into the flywheel approach to business, SalesMentor, and why all businesses don’t need to make money. Be sure to tune in today!


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  • [01:04] Learn more about Taylor’s background and the work that he currently does.
  • [02:23] Find out about Traffic and Funnels, what they do, and how they make money.
  • [04:26] The importance of mindset and why people stay stuck where they are.
  • [05:48] Why Taylor believes it’s important to have lower ticket, affordable products.
  • [08:35] Passion is an equally important driver in creating a product as money is.
  • [09:33] Where Taylor puts his time and energy in the business.
  • [10:05] Taylor’s tips for entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses effectively.
  • [11:39] Learn more about how Taylor coaches his leadership team and the approach he takes.
  • [14:46] How Taylor thinks about risk when delegating decision-making.
  • [16:32] Some of the $10,000/hr. tasks Taylor dedicates his time to.
  • [18:04] Why Taylor believes that leadership is the hardest part of running a company.
  • [19:11] The marketing strategies that are helping Traffic and Funnels’ growth currently.
  • [21:37] Find out how to strategically repurpose old content and frame it as new.
  • [23:03] Traffic and Funnels’s approach to new ads and new offers.
  • [26:01] The flywheel approach: How entrepreneurs create new businesses from existing ones.
  • [27:03] Why it’s not necessary to build every business for money.
  • [28:04] Learn about SalesMentor and the work that it does.
  • [30:16] The book that’s shaped Taylor’s thinking and the tool he’s using in his business.

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