I often get asked about what tools, hosting, etc. that I recommend and I thought that I would create a resource page for everyone. I’ll be updating this continually.

Disclosure: Please be aware that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you should you decide to purchase. I have tested all of my recommendations below and am only recommending them because I think they’re truly great products.

Top Recommendations

LeadPages – LeadPages is the my goto tool when it comes to creating attractive landing pages quickly. If you don’t have any design and coding skills, this is a MUST if you need to pump something out in 15-20 minutes. It’s made my life a LOT easier when it comes to marketing campaigns and is virtually indispensable to me.

Virtual Staff Finder – I use Virtual Staff Finder to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines. They’re extremely hard working and speak English well and have been able to produce great results for me. If you need help with appointment setting, transcriptions, data entry or any other general tasks, this is for you. Highly recommended.

GetResponse – GetResponse is e-mail marketing made easy. I’ve tried a lot of different services and none of them make it quite as easy as GetResponse does – they just get the job done when it comes to handling your e-mail marketing.

Internet Marketing

ravenRaven Tools – Raven Tools is hands down the best internet marketing reporting tool I use to manage all of my campaigns. This is the most loaded internet tool that you’ll find out there with keyword research tools, PPC campaign management, automated reporting, social media campaign analysis and much more. We also use it internally at my agency for our clients.

SEMRush – SEMrush is my goto tool that reveals how my competitors are ranking in organic search and what kinds of ads they’re running. It’s also great for revealing low hanging fruit that I can tackle in an SEO campaign. If you’re serious about doing any type of large scale internet marketing campaign, this is a must.


Evernote – Evernote is my goto tool for managing my daily to do list, recipes, blog post drafts, saving articles, managing my ideas and much more. The ability to sync with all my devices is icing on the cake. Getting Evernote is a no brainer if you need to get things done.

Droplr – I use Droplr to easily take screenshots and annotate them with by pressing 3 keys. It then automatically uploads the file and saves it to my clipboard for easy pasting.

TextExpander – From e-mail introductions to sales call pitches to YouTube descriptions, I use TextExpander to help me pop out snippets of text with a few keystrokes. Saves me a ton of time.

RescueTime – RescueTime is a personal analytics tool that tracks what you spend your time on when you’re on the computer. All you need to do is let it sit in the background while it collects data. After that, you just need to categorize what you spend time on and eventually it’ll spit out automatic reports for you letting you know how productive you are. From there, you decide what you need to cut down on and continue optimizing.

LastPass – Creates secure passwords and saves them for you so you don’t have to deal with the frustration of forgetting all your passwords.


Themeforest – Themeforest is fantastic for finding WordPress themes of all types. I’ve saved a lot of money by purchasing professional looking themes instead of spending thousands on web design for various projects.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast – hands down the best SEO plugin you’ll find for WordPress.


Treehouse – Treehouse is an online school that teaches web design, web development, mobile app development and much more. The lessons are very high quality and easy to follow. Plus the community is very strong. Full disclosure: I used to work at Treehouse.

Khan Academy – Khan Academy is a fantastic free resource to start learning subjects such as Finance, Economics or even Bitcoin. The videos are simple to understand and they’re always adding more to their growing library.

Coursera – Coursera is a free online university that has partnered with top universities such as the University of Pennsylvania to bring you topics such as Computer Science, Business, Medicine and more.


Freshbooks – Freshbooks is my tool of choice for invoicing. Simple to understand and it just gets the job done. Lots of integrations without a big learning curve. Perfect for anyone starting out.


Pocket – There’s a lot of content out there that I stumble across during the day, but it’s just not the right time for me to start reading. I use Pocket to save articles for later so I can read them on my own time.

Quibb – if I’m interested in reading articles from really smart people (mostly involved in the tech industry), I’ll turn to Quibb, which at the time of this writing is still invite only. It helps filter out some of the noise and there’s some really high quality writing that’s shared in here.

Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal & The Economist – because billionaires read them :p

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