GE 141: How Bobby Edwards Sold $20M in Squatty Potties In Just One Year (And Changed How We All Poop) (podcast) With Bobby Edwards

Bobby Edwards Squatty Potty Growth Everywhere

Hi everyone, today we have Bobby Edwards, CEO of Squatty Potty, the toilet stool that helps you poop better.

In today’s interview we’ll be talking about how they sold about $1M in Squatty Potties in the first year (and have grown about 200% a year), how a pooping unicorn took the company to the next level as far as interest and sales, and how they converted people into Squatty Potty believers—and customers—on organic web traffic alone.

Episode highlights:

  • [3:42] – On how he came up with the idea for the Squatty Potty: “Necessity is the mother of all invention, and my mother was constipated.”
  • [6:24] – On revenues and growth: “In 2015 we created a viral video, the pooping unicorn, that really took us to the next level…. In 2015, we sold almost $20 million in Squatty Potties.”
  • [7:20 ] – On web traffic: “It’s all organic…. The first 5 years, we weren’t paying more than $5,000 a month for any of our advertising online. That was mostly driven by earned media and word of mouth. We got on Dr. Oz right away. Howard Stern started talking about it. Celebrities started talking about it.”
  • [11:11] – On their return rates: “I don’t know what the average return rate. Ours is under 3%…about 2%.”
  • [12:24] – On what Shark Tank did for them: “We saw about a 400% increase in revenue over the same period the previous year.”

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: How Bobby Edwards Sold $20M in Squatty Potties In Just One Year (And Changed How We All Poop)

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