Ep15: Amy Balliett, Co-founder of Killer Infographics, On How To Grow Your Business With Infographics With Amy Balliett


amyToday’s interview is with Amy Balliett, co-founder of Killer Infographics which is an infographic agency that does over $2 million in revenue. You’ll learn about how infographics can actually bring you business results and the other piece to the infographic puzzle that you can’t live without. Amy also adds a few interesting thoughts on where she thinks infographics stand today and where they’re going in the near future.

Key Takeaways

    • You need to have a process in order to deliver quality work on time. Amy’s company can get infographics has a quick turnaround.
    • How startups can use infographics – Amy’s company has put together infographics instead of pitch decks or even a live infographic backdrop or pamphlet to hand out at tradeshows. Infographics are incredibly easy to share so it’s one of the best ways to get content out there.
    • Our brains take in visual information 60,000 times faster than text.
    • Infographics aren’t old news – crappy infographics. Amy thinks only 1% of infographics out there are good. The same applies to content marketing in general.
    • How to rank multiple keywords with one infographic – change the embed code for it each week.
    • Amy thinks creating a great piece of content is 50% of the puzzle. The other 50% is distribution. They push to Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and ask influencers to repost. For Instagram, they create thumbnails and then it links to the clients page with the full form infographic.
    • Costs: a bare bones infographic would stand out to an European audience but not a US audience. That’s usually $900-1,500. A nice infographic is in a couple of thousand dollar range. A high quality infographic is high quality research, design and distribution.
    • They created infographictemplates.com so people can go download templates and make infographics for less.
    • The future of infographics – the static use of infographics is going to go offline and they’re great for sales leads. They’re being put into textbooks as well. We’re moving more towards an interactive world where we’ll see more parallax scrolling infographics, animated motion graphics
    • Productivity hack: if you work in an open work space, try putting flagpoles at your desk and raising a red flag when you don’t want to be bothered.
    • Must read book: The Smartest 401k Book You’ll Ever Read


Disclaimer: As with any digital marketing campaign, your individual results may vary.